Musings of mine elsewhere on the web

I do a lot of writing. I am not fancy or posh. I am just me.I type like I speak. I am passionate and often times type before I think. LOL.

Occasionally, I write to or for other people. Here are two examples of things I have written about my house.

And another quick story about the find of my lifetime!!!!

(Thank you Pam for your most excellent Blog. You are my hero!)

(Thank you Offbeat Empire for giving all us non conformists a place to feel NORMAL!)

I have been writing since the tender age of 6. I even self published a few books I wrote. They were HUGE best sellers. At least that’s what my Grandma said! (Grandma’s don’t lie, right????)

I am not a fancy writer and I make a TON of mistakes. Hey, it’s okay!!! I type like I talk. Blunt. Straightforward. And absolutely nothing fancy!

I have been blogging since 2006 mostly about my weight loss battle here:

I had an article published at Rate Beer that details my journey through Craft Beer. It can be found here:

I wrote a two-part article for The WM Parenting Connection regarding my battle with Infertility, and it can be found here:

And lastly, I did some regular blogging about life with my pets for The WM Pet Connection, and they can be found here:

I guess I just like to talk. So thanks for stopping by and visiting me!


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