Temporary Floor Solution #2

Okay. So no catchy blog title today. I am too tired and sore to be clever today!

Some of you may remember that about a year and a half ago I attempted to paint my kitchen floor in an effort to extend its life until I can go all in and get new floors.


Well, sadly, that did not work very well for us. For a few reasons.

  1. We really underestimated how much traffic our kitchen gets and by the end of year one it was looking grimey and dirty again.
  2. I didnt really give it enough coats of polyurethane to protect against said traffic (I did one coat and in hindsight should have done three)

Still, I think painting a floor can be done with great success! As for me, I decided to go back to a tried and true method for me.

Peel and stick tile.

I have used these on three other occasions in my former condo I owned. Each application getting better results.

This is a truly great way to get an updated look for a ridiculously cheap price.

To stick to the 50’s feel of my house I decided to go with a black and white checkerboard pattern like this inspiration pic:


I love this look. Its classic. And it very much fits the time period.

So I waited till they went on sale and they were seriously less than 50 cents per tile! (Menards!)

Then I had to decide if I wanted to lay them straight or on the diagonal. A quick poll on Facebook left the diagonal a clear winner:


While I knew laying them straight would be the quickest and easiest route, I agreed with my beloved Facebookers and went with the diagonal.

This project took me about a day and a half on my own and my kitchen is about 100 square feet. I am not going to lie. My body hurts. Parts of my body I didnt even know I have. It was a lot of sitting on the floor, stooping over, kneeling all day, making intricate cuts, and glue. Yeah. Glue. Both myself and my dogs had glue EVERYWHERE.

Let’s talk for a minute how fun it is to do a project like this with dogs in your life. Stalking you. Getting their little furry furs all over the very floor you are trying to keep clean. Stepping in glue and making sticky paw prints everywhere.

Fun times indeed!

My Project Manager for the day.

My Project Manager for the day. This will also serve as my before picture. This is one year after painting. As you can see, it was looking pretty rough again.

So, about the glue.

See, even though they were self stick tiles, I leaned my lesson in a previous project and I decided to use some vinyl flooring glue. My hope is I get two or three years out of this floor before I have to really just break down and get all new real floors. (My goal is slate, but that is way expensive!!)

I was also laying this over an existing floor with layers of paint. So glue was essential to make it last.


I bought four boxes of tile. Two black, two white, two glues, and I also used an exacto knife. You will also need paper to make templates for your cut outs. We also installed two transition pieces over the tile leading in and out of the kitchen. This made the finished product, well, look finised!

I will be returning most of the two extra boxes. And I still want to either caulk or lay some quarter round molding under the cabinets just to give it a more finished look.

But overall, I am incredibly pleased!


Original Flooring

Original Flooring



Total cost for this project was $100 !!! About 12 hours of my life, and a few aches and pains to remind me I am no longer a spring chicken.

A few tips. Take your time. Make sure all tiles butt up tight against each other. DO NOT WALK ON THEM for a good hour or two to let the glue set some, otherwise, the glue makes them slide around a bit. And dont eyeball your cuts. Use paper to make a template then cut the tile. It cuts and breaks very easily with a knife.

More pics of the finished process (Apologies for all the bulldog pics. He wouldnt leave my side and insists on being in my pics!):

IMG_7196 IMG_7205 IMG_7208 IMG_7214 IMG_7222 IMG_7223 IMG_7226 IMG_7227 IMG_7232 IMG_7237 IMG_7240 IMG_7241


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1 Response to Temporary Floor Solution #2

  1. Bethany Blackburn says:

    That’s really cool Dawn. It looks great! I didn’t know you had this “site” or whatever it is. Really cool info here. Love seeing the pics!

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