One and done!

Well. It has finally arrived. That day that all DIY-ers know well. The day you can FINALLY put your house back in order.

We have finished the master bath reno.

One year later.

And coming up on our our 4th anniversary here in our house.

Four years! How did that happen? Some days it feels we have always lived here. And some days I do dream about a time when I do not have home worries, renos, and repairs to think about.

The master bath is done. And to be honest, I have very mixed emotions about it.

I can honestly say I will never undertake something of this magnitude again. Too much time, money, worry and a bad contractor experience has jaded me. While I may be crafty and creative, I do NOT have the patience to do this type of DIY. Kudos to those of you who go all in.

I can say without a doubt I will never ever try to lay ceramic tile again. OY!

Next time I will pay a professional to do the entire thing. That is what I have learned from this experience. I have way too much OCD and perfectionist-ism in me to do this again.

Our new bathroom is not perfect. Far from it actually. I have noticed every blemish, uneven line, grout lines that didn’t get cleaned, etc…I have noticed every mistake. Trust me. This is why I have mixed feelings I think…

I was also left with a nightmare to fix from above said bad contractor. Who took down a wall and didnt finish the job. We fixed it the best we could but it is not perfect and will never be.

At some point the bathroom will most likely need gutted and redone to fix his mistake. But that wont be by me. For sure. That will be the next owners problem.

For now I am mostly happy with the results. And I hope over time I will start to overlook the imperfections. Because to be honest, it looks much better than the 1980’s something look we had. And it definitely “Fits” better into my home now.

So without further ado…My new bath: (Please ignore the uneven grout lines! My OCD is quite aware of them already)





Getting pics is difficult as the bathroom is veryyyyyy narrow!



And more.








And the shower before:


And after:


The last thing removed from the bathroom. The old light. You can see the original blue paint that was behind the 1980’s blue wallpaper:


And the new light:


The old shower, and reason why we needed to gut. Gross!!!!

IMG_7485 IMG_7490

And the new shower:

FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender

The floor before:


The floor now:


Miscellaneous pics:


The hairpins are from the 50’s. They belonged to my grandma. They cost 5 cents and have never been used.

And the razors here are a homage to what we found behind the wall of the medicine cabinet when we removed it. Old razor blades. Ew!



We are still on the hunt for an antique shaving kit to display…

That’s it folks!

IMG_9716 IMG_9718 IMG_9727


About Dawnie

Mid 40's gal living in Ohio, exploring the world of Craft Beer, Delicious Food, Travels, Animals and fighting a never ending battle with my weight. I live with my second husband, my 72 year old mother, my dogs and cats in Central Ohio.
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1 Response to One and done!

  1. sweetfe says:

    I think your bathroom looks good. I do have a suggestion or two … I think some white caulk along the top of the white tile the wraps the room. I love your floor! I think some finish tiles around the shower opening would give a much more finished look. Those tiles will be devilishly difficult to cut to size…. Oh and did I tell you how much I love the floor?

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