A weekend refresher

So I confess I am just not that into Valentines Day. Never have been. So, as half the world it seems celebrated, and the other half went to see 50 Shades Of Grey. Me and B did the most romantic thing EVER. We did more home improvements.

It seems lately we have heard a lot of comments from friends and family “What are you guys doing now?” I don’t think they mean any harm. But I also don’t think they understand that for some people, myself for certain, my home is never and will never be truly “DONE”. There is always something new to do.

Its true. We have re-done a few rooms. But mostly because we are still, after 4 years, settling in. Figuring out what rooms we use, what rooms we don’t, and how we use them.

So we were blessed with a really large “Formal” living room in this house. And it’s one of the rooms we have spent the least amount of time in. We have struggled giving it an identity and figuring how and if we need to use it. For the first two years it sat half empty. Then it became the room we kept the dogs in while we were out. Then it briefly became an office slash place to just display family heirlooms. Not a bad space at all, but surely wasted. We rarely used it or sat at the desk we just had to have. Surely we are not the only family that suffers from this unused space issue???

IMG_6283 (1024x683)

The room when it was just a holder of family treasures

It’s a great room. HUGE. With a closet and two pocket doors. It even briefly functioned as a bedroom when my niece stayed with us for a bit.

Then came the Summer 2014. We had a pretty humid summer and the furniture that had been previously sitting in our mostly unused basement started getting a mildew film on it I knew it was time to get it upstairs.

We threw it in the front room. Kind of arranged it. And then sat back to see how we would use it.


Not bad by any means but not pulled together and that wall!

Well, what we discovered is we liked having two living areas! We started using it more and more. Which means the flaws of the room started bothering me more and more. The wall above the couch was completely bare. Full of holes from previously hung shelving and basically just not pulled together.

Also, thanks to lots of furniture moves and pets the floors were kinda rough! So we decided to take this weekend to kind of refresh this room. First, we polished the floors. Not professionally, just with some Bona floor shine.


The floors need professionally done and that will come in time, but for now, this was a quick fix for about $19.99 (THANK YOU AMAZON!)


The floors before. Lots of scratches!


The floors after. Nice sheen!

So this is two coats. It was very easy to apply. And it dried for walking within a half hour. It is not super shiny though so if you want high gloss this is not for you.

Still, I would use this again for sure!

We also painted the wall near our desk with magnetic paint, and covered it with chalk board paint.

And finally, we painted the main wall several shades darker (Caramelized Onion) and hung our antique style world map.

Eventually, the map will be framed. And this room will reflect “Vintage travels”.

We are pretty pleased with the results.


I used to love painting. UGH!

Here is the original living room. Carpet and all. I really don’t have many pics of this room because we seriously NEVER used it.


Original owner pic is above.


As you will see from the pics, Miss Zoe STILL loves this room.

Here are the results:


The picture above the desk is very dear to me. It is a picture of Old Man’s Cave here in Ohio that my Grandpa Wilson painted.




Love love love my map! (National Geographic)


Magnets AND chalk! WOO HOO!


By the way, the buffet was a piece picked up at a yard sale for 20 dollars two years ago. It was in our dining room holding our microwave!


About Dawnie

Mid 40's gal living in Ohio, exploring the world of Craft Beer, Delicious Food, Travels, Animals and fighting a never ending battle with my weight. I live with my second husband, my 72 year old mother, my dogs and cats in Central Ohio.
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