If you build it they will come…

This is a story about a garage…Okay…Two garages…Two sad and lonely and very unused garages. One huge. One small. Both empty.

Storage that many people would kill for. Okay. Kill is a strong word. But hey, I watch Hoarders. I know how it goes. Everyone wants more space! Well. I have space. And no way to use it.

Why? There was no access. I am blessed with a car port, a one car attached garage and a two and a half car detached garage. And two of them have sat unused for the better part of 3 1/2 years!!!! The shame!!! The horror!!!!

Sure. On a good, dry summer day we could drive on the grass. But this is bad for the grass. My yard is also very bumpy and uneven. This is bad for the car.

So year one we had an estimate done for a gravel driveway…Now, don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE a beautiful paved driveway. Brick. Concrete. Heck, even asphalt, but lets be realistic. Its a secondary driveway and I am NOT Donald Trump. So I needed it usable but reasonable.

First year we were here the quote came in way too high to even consider. Second year we had another estimate. It was better but still not great. And this year, we finally got a great quote from a local company. And even though it still cost us several thousand dollars, it is money well spent. As our intention is to rent the garage out. We have had numerous inquiries’ already. So to make money we had to spend money. Ahhhh. The joys of home ownership! Right?

So while its nothing fancy. And I have TONS of landscaping left to do (So don’t be hatin on all my piles of dirt).

Here is my three year in the making driveway.

(Side note about my detached garage. It is older than the house. It was built in 1957. It is where the builder stored all his equipment while he built everyone’s home. Including ours!!!)


First step, taking up lots of grass and dirt. That’s our supervisor, Bode there!


Not gonna lie. The piles of dirt REALLY freaked me out on day one!



And the bobcat really did a number on my yard. Also trying not to freak out. LOL.


Original Garage 1957 (Before we did anything!)


Garage #2 with a driveway that simply ends…

Garage #1 and #2 AFTER!!!!



View from road before:


View from road after:







From the bottom looking up!

And from the carport looking out:


And everything back in its place…WHEW!!!


****UPDATED: I can not believe I forgot the most important part of this story. If you are wondering why my gravel looks weird. Its not gravel. It is recycled, crushed concrete. Thats why its a bit more “Dirt” like than gravel. Next year we may or may not add some top gravel. This is a very cheap option and it also helps us recycle!!!


About Dawnie

Mid 40's gal living in Ohio, exploring the world of Craft Beer, Delicious Food, Travels, Animals and fighting a never ending battle with my weight. I live with my second husband, my 72 year old mother, my dogs and cats in Central Ohio.
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