Another happy find for me!

Just a quick update today on our master bath project. It’s coming along ever so slowwwwwwwly…Of course, we knew that going into it. We estimate this project will run us about 2k when done. And we are buying things here and there so we don’t have to feel that impact all at once. This bathroom was unusable anyway so not having it has not really impacted us as much which is why we are okay with the time it is taken.

However. This week the professional comes to start the tile installation in the shower! WOO HOO!!!!! We decided to have a professional do the shower since neither of us were comfortable with the whole water proofing thing. And then I am going to do the walls and floors. My first tiling project! I am nervous but also excited.

This is how the bath currently looks. Pretty, right?




While I was ripping off rest of the wallpaper I noticed we had not yet removed the last of the previous ceramic fixtures. The toilet paper holder! So when the husband removed it for me he found not one but TWO more wadded up newspapers! Color me stoked! You all know how I love my old newspapers!

This one was from May of 1959. A little older than the Christmas one previous blogged about and in better shape I suppose due to no moisture issues.


So just in case there are any other history geeks out there like me who want to see my paper here are a few images for you. Enjoy!


I am currently on the hunt for an old rusted out 1950’s bike to use for a garden project so this bike ad definitely caught my eye! LOVE this bike!


Central Ohioans will appreciate this ad from Schottenstein’s. Note the address. Parsons avenue. I assume before it became kinda sorta ghetto.


Appliances of the late 50’s.


He is a bit wrinkly so hard to see, but look how dapper he is in his pin stripped suit. For 18 bucks no less!!!!!


And ladies, who doesn’t love a great shoe sale! $1.98 a pair! Interesting note, look at the bottom right corner. Sizes started at a 4! Very interesting! Now women’s shoe sizes typically start with a 6.

And don’t worry guys. You had options too. One. LOL.


And we can’t forget budgets and politics. 1959 editorial about President Eisenhower and a little blurb about Ohio’s money troubles. Some things NEVER change…




Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into life in Central Ohio in 1959!


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