Cheap & Easy!

No. Not me. Sillies!

I am about to wow you with my very cheap and easy floor fix.

Now, before you die hard retro renovators get all bent out of shape, please know two things.

1. This is a temporary fix
2. This floor could not be saved

I have blogged twice now about my kitchen and some of the mini renovations we have done. My first blog gets the most traffic due in part to my review of the Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations. I will be updating that post here shortly since it’s now been two years since I did my cabinets. But you can view that here:

So back to my kitchen floor. It was in bad shape. Like, way. No matter how often I cleaned it, it still looked dirty. It was cracked. It was ugly. It needed help.



We debated peel and stick. Vinyl. Ripping it up. But due to the likely hood of asbestos we decided to leave it be.

We will eventually have new floors in here. Maybe cork? Maybe slate? We can neither decide what we want, nor do we have the money currently, so a quick fix was definitely in order. So please keep that in mind. We KNOW this is temporary.

I am sure at one time this was a beautiful floor. But after 55 years of feet it was time. I am sure Miss Jean is up there cursing me and my pets for what we have done in just 3 years to her floors! (Sorry Miss Jean!!!)

So after using some porch and floor paint recently in both my car port and my basement I decided to give it a try on my kitchen floor. This time I strayed from my usual love of Behr paint and went with Valspar.


I chose white. Which made me very nervous. Because I have two step children, two dogs, a cat, and my kitchen is literally the heartbeat of my home. We pass through it EVERY day because it’s in the middle of my house.

The original floor was a tanish rose color I think. So I was afraid the white would be shockingly, well, um, WHITE!!!

To get a similar look to not only my original floor, as well as my counter tops, we also decided to use the paint flecks. We have used this technique in other areas and we love it. It REALLY gives you that 1950’s look. I went with browns and tans to match my counters and my cabinets.


I did very little floor prep because any varnish that had once been on the floor was long long gone. If your floor is shiny, I would HIGHLY recommend a light sanding. As for me, I cleaned the floor, patched some of the cracks, and cleaned it again. I also caulked around the plywood that someone put down after I assume an unfortunate dishwasher fiasco.


I also did a test patch under where my rug usually is. Just to see if I liked it:


I did two coats of the paint, and then I did a top coat of varnish. I would recommend you do three coats of paint. I wish I had been patient and done a third.



After you apply your final coat of paint, in very small sections, you sprinkle the flakes on:


I did all of this in one day. All products had very low odor. We did the top coat right before bed so it could “cure” over night.

Overall, I like it. Will it hold up? Time will tell. I hope to get at least a year out of it, maybe two???

And the total cost for my mini reno? Less than $150 bucks! Yes please! Cheap. Easy. And I did the entire thing by myself. So don’t be afraid!

Here are some before and afters:



The plywood section blends nicely!

UGH. What color is it anyway???

UGH. What color is it anyway???







And my floor is 100% Bode approved!!!



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Mid 40's gal living in Ohio, exploring the world of Craft Beer, Delicious Food, Travels, Animals and fighting a never ending battle with my weight. I live with my second husband, my 72 year old mother, my dogs and cats in Central Ohio.
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2 Responses to Cheap & Easy!

  1. Wow, that floor turned out amazing! I like the look of the paint flakes. Although I don’t have a floor needing fixing right now, I might try that product on a counter top. Thanks for the inspiration.

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