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Happy Sunday folks! Thought I would pop in and give a master bathroom update. It’s certainly taking longer than expected. Then again, maybe we did expect this.

We both work full time and the husband works two jobs. So our schedules do not really align well for home improvement projects.

However, it looks like Spring is finally coming to Central Ohio and ending the longest winter I can remember, and well, the panic has set it.

I NEED to get this bathroom underway SOON before the weather gets too nice and takes me outside for yard work on the weekends! OY!

The demo is mostly done. I still need to remove wall paper which I shall do today. Full demo pictures will be included in a follow up post. I also want to get some paint up on the wall today before I start tiling.

What I wanted to post here today is about how ideas kind of change when you do these projects. Sometimes, you JUST have to see things…And even then, I am not sure we will know how we feel till its done.

If you will remember two posts back I posted my original inspiration picture:

Master Bath

Courtesy of Ikea. I found this picture 2 years ago and the entire thing spoke to me. Colors. Small sink. Etc. Our master bath is just 36 inches wide and 98 inches deep. Narrow! And the set up is almost exactly like this with just the toilet facing the other way.

Fast forward two years and things have changed. Slightly.

Still love the sink. Still love Ikea. Still love a gray, white color palate.

Still trying to keep my bathroom feeling vintage but a bit more modern. However, it was very important for me to make sure this bath does not collide with our main bath:


This is the tile work in my main pink bathroom. It’s gorgeous. It’s original. And it will never be removed while I own this home.

So as we moved forward I started leaning more towards a black and white subway tile theme. Subway tile is totally timeless. It fits the period of my house, and I can easily “Modernize” it a bit to fit us.

So then my inspiration became more of a white subway tile with a gray wall. Because the space is soooo small with one very small window and one singular light, I was kind of thinking the tile HAD to be white. (As if the tile police would come get me if I put dark colors in a small bath?)


So this became my new inspiration. Ahhh. The mind of a woman. It can be fickle indeed!

And then, I found some pics on line that showed a white bath with black shower. Kind of like this but with the subway tiles going the other way:

Black shower

And this:


And THAT became my newest idea. I just loved the dark/light contrast!

Then we went to Home Depot and Ikea. To actually SEE everything. And things changed again.(I know. I know!)

The first major decision we made while standing in the Home Depot tile isle was the floor. I had my heart and mind set on WHITE round penny tile. Again, because of the need to keep my bathroom feeling bigger than it was. But when I saw this tile in person with a charcoal gray grout I KNEW this was my floor:

Floor tile

In person it is perfect! It’s pricey. But, well, it will soooo be worth it. I had FINALLY found my floor and I knew it in my gut.

Then we went to Ikea in West Chester Ohio to pick up our sink. Wouldn’t you know it. The display was set against a BLACK tile. And I fell in love. Instantly. And I knew I had found my wall. And everything changed.


And if you look closely that is also ALMOST my floor. Seeing it in person helped. So we picked up the sink with only one modification. The doors of our cabinet are frosted. Not solid.

And then we decided to do a basic black subway tile. Halfway up the wall. And the top of the wall will be white. Just plain old, basic, ordinary, CLASSIC white.

So as of today, that is the plan.

But as we know, things are subject to change, depending on my mood!

Yes. I know to some of you purist retro renovators the sink is too modern. I get it. But we also need storage and functionality in this bath where we currently have none. Not one shelf. Not one cupboard. Nothing. This is NOT a half bath. This is our master. So we had to ditch the classic pedestal sink and opt for a small cabinet.

I actually think it looks like a vintage doctors office almost. Hospital even. And I am okay with that.

I will never be a total retro renovator purist. I can’t afford to be. I am not patient enough to be. No patience to scour craigslist ads, ebay, and local rehab stores for hours looking for original items. And it was never my intent.

But I still think I can honor my homes history and blend the past to the present with the end result being a bathroom that feels like it belongs AND serves the current generation of home owners.


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