And so it begins…

Our first truly major house renovation in 3 years…

Sure, we have done a ton of cosmetic things…But major reno? This is it…Complete demo and a complete rebuild of our master bath. If our marriage survives it could be a miracle.

While we are both eager…And I am pretty creative…And he works at the Home Depot, I would not say either of us are home reno pro’s…So this is a giant test indeed…

Ummm…Did I mention that the master bath is incredibly, NON mastery? At least in size…Its about two feet wide, and about 10 feet long…VERY tight quarters for two people to work.

1950s paint ad, couple painting their house_thumb[2]Fun times indeed…

So a little more about our master bath. The shower has not truly worked since we moved in three years ago. Its had numerous parts replaced by numerous plumbers…And the result is a continuous leak into our basement.

We learned when we moved in that the shower had not been used since 1988 when the previous owner’s husband passed. This was his bathroom.

I believe that the bathroom was original blue and tan. The walls were definitely blue and based off the towel bars that remain I assume the sink, toilet and other items were a peachy tan color. Then it looks like it was revamped in the mid 1980’s.

Cheap vinyl was laid. Blue wall paper was put up, and the toilet and sink were changed out.

We have not really liked this bathroom since we moved in. But it wasn’t high on our list of projects.

But the last plumber who came in told us the problem is the shower. It has dry rotted due to lack of use. So the shower had to go. Thus, we made the brilliant decision to just gut the whole thing and start over.

It is our intent to make this VERY small bathroom useful, light, and semi retro with modern updates.

As with everything we do, we will incorporate the old with the new.

My inspiration color palate for the bath is this picture I found two years ago on IKEA’s website:

Master Bath

Our bath is actually more narrow then this one…But this was my inspiration two years ago.

What will the finished product be? Not sure yet. I am designing as I go.

I am using white subway tiles. Because they are classy and never go out of style and they fit my 1959 house. This will be an ongoing project over the next few months. But I love the gray and orange and I LOVE this skinny sink. But I need to retroize it a bit.

So I am working on that.

We are going to try to do as much as we can on our own but have both agreed to call in an expert when and if it becomes too much.

I hope you will join us on this next, very scary, adventure!


Newspaper I found stuffed behind the shower stall. December 20, 1959. I was giddy beyond belief to find this. And I already have a plan for it in my new “Old” bath.

See ya again soon! PROMISE!


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