An Open Letter BACK to SeaWorld

Not Retro in the least, just something that needs passed on. SeaWorld…You are killing me. Your PR people suck!!! My personal issues with SeaWorld. (They don’t have to be yours. I get it. My post. My issues): #1. They simply WONT tell the truth. UGH. I would love to hear them say WE FUCKED UP. Sorry. We will do better #2. They keep calling Blackfish a “Little” movie with little to no impact on them, yet, they took out full page ads in 8 newspapers. #3. They assume anyone who supports the movie is an illiterate crazy activist moron incapable of doing their own research and they continue to insult everyone who supports the movie… I don’t want them to close. I want them to CHANGE.

The Orca Project

LETTER of the DAY: In light of SeaWorld’s recent media push, a former casual visitor Amy Costanzo, now a practicing attorney, cc’d The Orca Project on her letter to SeaWorld executives and shares her views on the marine park’s self-serving (and costly) attempt to “set the record straight“.

Well done Amy! We couldn’t agree with you more. You can read SeaWorld’s open letter to the public HERE (published as full-page advertisements in U.S. Newspapers) and then read the response from this everyday caring citizen here:

Dear Ms. Bides, Mr. Jacobs, and all other SeaWorld employees (including Mr. Jim Atchison),

I read your “open letter” (read: flyer) this morning in the Orlando Sentinel. It seems that the American public has grown wary of you and your operations since the release of the film “Blackfish”, and rightfully so. Since you are inclined to make public statements regarding the alleged care of animals, specifically orcas, in your custody, as a…

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