Master Bedroom Redoux

Part II

(You can read all about part I here:

So, I confess. I have a very restless soul. This means I get bored easily.

Careers. Hobbies. Furniture. They all fall victim to my constant need to change.

We are coming up on our three year anniversary here in our house. (TRULY can not believe that!) and it was time to change my bedroom. AGAIN.

I didn’t hate the old room at all. In fact, I love a red and black color scheme!

The old room

The old room

I hadn’t really intended to do it. I swear. It started all very innocently when about a year and a half ago the man and I decided to upgrade from a queen to a king size bed. You see, sleeping with two dogs and a cat every night was starting to cramp our style. So in came the new bed.

Well, once we had a new bed that was MUCH higher, our end tables no longer reached the top of the bed. So very very innocently I started a search last year for night stands. That’s it. I solemnly swear!

Guess what? NEW nightstands are pricey. WAY. And I was not about to pay 100 bucks a piece for them. So I started scouring Craigslist. It took me awhile. Several months. But I found them. And they were orange. BRIGHT orange.

$75 for the pair, delivered to my door. Sign me up!

IMG_7023They aren’t exactly the 50’s style I wanted…I suspect late 60’s possibly even early 70’s, but I fell head over heels in love with them. Never once did I think of painting them anything other than the orange. And I decided, over time, I would change my theme to orange and brown.

These nightstands are HEAVY. Very well made. And I am such a fan of recycling. UPcycling I suppose you can say.

Then last fall my mother approached me about her headboard. An Ethan Allen headboard that was a gift from my grandparents to my mom and dad back in 1964 on their wedding day. She was going to give it away. WHAT????

For those of you NOT in the know, Ethan Allen was a very big name in the day. They kinda still are!

Anyway, it wasn’t really the sleek mid century modern look I had hoped to achieve some day with a headboard, but, well, I couldn’t let this piece depart the family. First, it was a gift from my grandparents to my parents. It was almost 50 years old and still in like new condition. And although my parents marriage ended in divorce and my dad has since passed away, this bed once symbolized the new beginning of their lives.

Yeah. I was taking it.

IMG_7021So things kind of came together on their own after that. My new “Theme” if you will would be orange and brown. Mid century? Eh, probably not. But you work with what you have. So that’s what I did.

I first painted my red wall orange…And yes, I sung “I see a red wall and I want to paint it ORANGE…” ala “Paint It Black” by the Rolling Stones. Cause, that’s how I roll peeps!

The orange wall was actually several shades darker than the nightstands when I held the paint chips against it. But you can’t tell now. They LOOK very close. They aren’t.

The paint is my favorite Behr paint (Love Behr!) and its called “Citrus Blast”. For you painting novices, I had to also use a tinted primer to cover the red wall as well as the paint and primer in one. This is three coats!

I then found a brown rug at Ollie’s. Ollie’s is a discount store here in Ohio VERY similar to Big Lots (Odd Lots). LOVE them both. It was 79 bucks! (What can I say, I love a bargain!)

IMG_7030I haven’t decided yet if the orange curtains will stay or not..They are really REALLY orange…LOL. But for now they are okay.

IMG_7038I also moved in the orange chair I blogged about last summer. The one we bought for 8 bucks! It fits PERFECTLY in here and I LOVE having a chair in my room to sit down and put my shoes on!

IMG_7032Side note here, that ugly orange, gold and green crocheted blanket was also courtesy of my mother. It’s most definitely 1970’s all the way, but we wrapped up in it as kids and she was going to get rid of that as well. I gave it a new home. That painting above the dresser is also from my mom. She painted it when she was a teenager. I will eventually find it a new home as well when I find another fitting painting for that wall.

I still have my original light fixture as well. We occasionally talk about changing it, but I don’t think either of us really care so much about changing it.

IMG_7037Eventually I will get new lamps and more period piece dressers, but both of these dressers are less than 5 years old and there is nothing wrong with them. So I see no reason to ditch them yet. I will eventually reuse them elsewhere once I stumble upon my next Craigslist find.

Otherwise, I like the end product and I hope you do too!

Here is what we started with (Previous owner):

Master BeforeHere was what happened in Part I:

Master Finished 5And here is my new finished product:

IMG_7028 IMG_7041(My apologies for the fuzz on the comforter…LOL…I JUST opened it before the photo shoot!)





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