My “Dream not yet realized” Kitchen

And the planning of Kitchen Reno Phase TWO. WOO HOO!

You might remember about this time last year we did Phase One:

We did walls, lighting and cabinets using Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations. I wrote a pretty in-depth review on that blog, but I will be sharing some additional thoughts here as well. Its been about a year and I have some more to say!

Anyway, this phase will be flooring, counter tops and back splash. Possibly a sink.

Final Phase, THREE, will be ALL appliances! OY VEY!!!!

Anyway…To jog your memory, this is what we started with:

Ummm, How handsome is that boy right there?? But lets focus on the cabinets...

Ummm, How handsome is that boy right there?? But lets focus on the cabinets…

And this is where we are currently:

You gotta love my 1970's dishwasher...LOL

You gotta love my 1970’s dishwasher…LOL

Anyway,  I will say this. I DO have some remorse about painting my cupboards. I do. I kind of wish I had just stripped them and re-varnished them. Not because I don’t like the result because over all I do. But mostly because I feel guilty for changing the look of my kitchen. I know. I know. I am an odd girl…But, what is done is done, and maybe someday I will be motivated to do just that. But for now, I will work with my error.

Overall, I am still happy with the Rustoleum Cabinet product but I HATE HATE HATE the protective top coat. So while I am doing phase two, I plan on attempting a fix for that. I will lightly sand my cupboard doors, and then put another coat of paint on top to see if I can get rid of the lumpy sheen that appears on some of the doors. I will let you know in a follow-up blog if it worked.

So we have a TON of counter space (LOVE IT!!!) and overall, I truly don’t have an issue with laminate. I am not a “OH MY GOD I GOTTA HAVE GRANITE” kind of gal. Actually, I am hopeful the granite craze will peter out soon.

My DREAM counter top would be recycled glass. But they are PRICEY. So that will be something done at a later date.

Anyway, after 50 years of service, my counter tops are dingy, stained and scratched. So I want to replace them.

Ignore the beer...But notice the large burn in the background? Cigarette perhaps?

Ignore the beer…But notice the large burn in the background? Cigarette perhaps?

I love the gold and silver flecks!!!

I love the gold and silver flecks!!!

So after months of research I have decided to try THIS product. It is an actual STONE coating you can put right on top of your counters:


I plan on keeping it pretty light, so I am going with the IVORY kit. I did research the Rustoleum Counter Top Refinishing kit, but to be honest, it is not getting good reviews and based on my previous experience with them, I wanted to try something else. From what I understand this kit is an actual stone coating. NOT PAINT. So we will see.

So while we do that, we will do the back splash too. Currently we have white tile. It’s okay. It’s held up well. But I wipe it down a lot. VERY hard to keep white clean in a kitchen.


So we are keeping with our RETRO theme and leaning towards STAINLESS!!! So we have two options we are discussing. Sheets of metal or tiles. Feel free to let us know your favorites because we truly can’t decide yet which we like best!

This one???

This one???


Or this one????

Or this one????

For reference, imagine either of those options here. I mean, WHAT a wow factor we will have!!!!

As she is now...

As she is now…

And lastly, we will finally attempt to fix our poor, sad floor.

UGH. What color is it anyway???

UGH. What color is it anyway???

I truly don’t know what color this floor is supposed to be. I suspect pink. But now with grime and dirt and wear, it has a bland, tannish, baby puke base. However, if you look closely you can see specks of blue and yellow. Which inspired my butter yellow wall color.


= Egads!

Sure. I could strip it, clean it, and maybe bring SOME life back into it. But let’s be real. it’s cracked and nails are popping up in spots. No amount of cleanser can fix that. I SUSPECT there could be some asbestos in this floor though so for that reason, we will NOT rip it up at this point. We will eventually floor over it. SOMEDAY, and I do mean SOMEDAY, I will have REAL slate, done in the 1960’s style put in my kitchen and in my den. (There is fake slate vinyl in that room now and I love it). Something like this will be done:



But let me tell you. Slate is pricey! And I need two rooms of it. So for now we are going for a temporary fix. I am going to do something SHOCKING and CONTROVERSIAL. LOL. Okay, maybe not. I am going to PAINT my kitchen floor!!!!! Oh yeah!!! I am going to paint it in a way that it mimics 1950’s style tile!


To achieve this look and brighten up my kitchen a bit, I will use a good floor and porch paint:


And then I will use these lovely paint chips! (Same thing we used in our car port)


I will finish the entire thing with several layers of Polyurethane. I have absolutely no idea if it will work, but if it does, I will be out a mere 100 bucks for flooring materials. That’s a budget I can get down with!

So that is our plan for now. We will probably start in March. We want the weather to warm up a bit so we can open windows a bit. And I have no idea how well the floor thing will work with two dogs and a cat in the house. Our kitchen is in the heart of our home and it will be near impossible to work around it while the flooring dries, but we will give it a go!

This entire process will probably set us back about $500 dollars. We are doing this in an effort to save for our biggest show piece to date. THIS BAD BOY!!!!

Our dream!!!!!

Our dream!!!!!



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8 Responses to My “Dream not yet realized” Kitchen

  1. thatmidcenturyfella says:

    I think you have a great idea to temporarily fix your flooring. The original flooring is known as a “confetti” style flooring and was really popular at the time. The colors have faded but they were often very bright and vibrant. The nice thing is that they hide flaws and dirt really well too. In my humble opinion, I would think about ripping out your tile. It’s only original once! Either way, it’s looking good!

  2. I know I am probably going to be in the minority, but I am a tile fan, and I would probably leave the back splash alone. Here in SoCal, most of the older homes had tile counters and backsplashes. I actually also like your gold and silver flecked formica. It is a shame they don’t make that pattern any more for retro enthusiasts.

    I look forward to seeing your after photos!

    • drbininger says:

      Thanks Lianne. A few people have recommended we keep the tile. Problem is, over by the window its in rough shape and needs replaced or at the least re-grouted. So I just don’t know…I will definitely leave it for last to see if my mind changes. As it often does. LOL.

  3. Tall Tony says:

    Any update on your projects? We started our kitchen reno in Feb. and we are still working on it! I’d like to know how the counter tops worked out. I have a friend that is frugal and was telling her about the SpreadStone Countertop and would love to hear your reviews.

    Oh and my vote goes to the subway tile stainless steel backsplash! Edgy and beautimus!

    • drbininger says:

      Hi Tony! No update yet. We had to do some pretty major plumbing repairs so the kitchen got pushed back. Hope to start it soon though! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Andrea says:

    Hi there…found your blog while looking for reviews on the SpreadStone Countertop kit. While I am here, I thought I would tell you what my friend thinks of her stainless steel. Beautiful when perfectly clean, it is a **spot nightmare**…takes quite a bit of maintainance to keep it looking lovely as the picture. But…if it is worth it to you to have that look, maybe you won’t mind? Also…my mom had that same vinyl that looks like slate. Made me all nostalgic seeing your picture. 🙂

  5. Adrienne says:

    How well has the SpreadStone worked for you? How long have you had it? I am considering using the product and would be interested in your experience. Thank you.

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