A window to my soul

I have been sitting on this blog for several months now as I processed my newest renovation. To be honest, I am STILL not  sure yet how I feel about the biggest renovation we have done to date. Heck, in my entire life I guess! So since I was not exactly inspired it became very hard to write about it. Yet, for the love of my home, I decided it was time to share.

WINDOWS. Ugh! Lots and lots of windows!

If you have never ever had to replace yours you are extremely lucky. If you, like me, have, then you feel my pain. We have 21 windows in our house. Twenty One! So we knew going in that it was gonna set us back some cash…And LOTS of it.


To date, we had tried to remain a cash only renovation operation. Well, it just wasn’t feasible with this project.

So after months of trying to get financing (I was about to sell my lung on the black market!) when we were FINALLY approved. Geesh.

YAY! Time for new windows! But what kind? And from who? And who would make sure that the windows I bought would “Fit” my house? And I don’t mean fit but I mean they had to look good architecturally.

You see, my house was full of 21 Jalousie windows. I had no idea what a Jalousie window was a year and a half ago. I had seen them. Did not know they had an “Official” name. I just called them louvered windows.

Spending the last year and a half with them I now know alllllllll about them. I know their pros. And I know their cons. I know that they are GREAT in warmer climates. I know they are GREAT for sun porches. I know they are GREAT at circulating air flow (A must for us since we do NOT have central air). I know they actually look nice on the house. And I know when they work, they are very easy to open and close.

I also know that they fit my house perfectly and I LOVED the way they looked.

But…I also know that they are NOT energy-efficient. I know that they should never have been placed in Central Ohio where our winters can get rough. I know that over time they stop working, the handles fall off and the gears seize. I know that EVERY spring you take down storm windows and EVERY winter you go around and put on storm windows. And I know that even after you do that, you get constant air flow coming through the aluminum.

So I knew they had to go. They were 53 years old and they had  a very good run. But replacing them was not an easy decision AT ALL. I even reached out to Pam over at www.retrorenovation.com to see if this subject had ever come up.

Sure, I read lots of articles talking about replacing regular windows. But where were all the Jalousie people? Surely my house was not alone. Of course it wasn’t. My neighbor, an original home owner, also has them. But I guess Jalousie windows have become a thing of the past. So I had no choice but to find entirely new windows.

I guess for most folks they just replace them with the latest and greatest and move on. As a matter of fact, if you walk around my neighborhood you see a bevy of window options. Many, in my opinion, no longer fit the house.

I did NOT want to be one of those people. So after many hours of research we decided to go with a local company that makes their own custom windows. Rosati Windows. We liked everything about them. They have a great reputation. They are local. And they cut out the middle man by also being the manufacturer. (Their link if interested http://www.rosatiwindows.com/) I can not say enough nice things about the folks at Rosati. I am more than happy with them. We found them through http://www.angieslist.com.


I knew for certain I did NOT want double hung. That did NOT feel like it fit my house at all, so after much thinking and debating, we went with Casement Windows. Yep. We still get a crank! Luckily, this one is guaranteed for life. We needed maximum airflow, again, due to NO central air. We felt the look of these windows fit our house the best AND offered us maximum air flow. We went with simple sliders in the back due to the very small window openings.

IMG_4804Casement windows crank out and can open up allowing for complete airflow!

I don’t know folks. Four months later and my heart STILL hurts about having to ditch the Jalousie windows. I have not yet noticed a huge drop in my energy bills either which I thought I might. But who knows, maybe over time. I do like that I no longer have to spend HOURS putting up and taking down storm windows!

Here are the many many pics!

The old Windows:

DSCF0716Front picture window. In ROUGH shape. BEFORE

IMG_4773Front window DURING. That is one big giant hole!!! EGADS!

IMG_4780Front window AFTER. It’s so very shiny!!!!!!

Fireplace Room looking outFavorite room of the house. BEFORE.

IMG_4792Same window DURING.

IMG_4801And AFTER!

Back of house BEFOREDSCF0519Back of house AFTER:

IMG_4814And finally…The entire front BEFORE:

Outside after some bush clean upAnd what it looks like now:

IMG_4817Thank you for stopping by!


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Mid 40's gal living in Ohio, exploring the world of Craft Beer, Delicious Food, Travels, Animals and fighting a never ending battle with my weight. I live with my second husband, my 72 year old mother, my dogs and cats in Central Ohio.
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7 Responses to A window to my soul

  1. The windows really turned out great! They work well with the house!

  2. Kole says:

    Wow, I never thought about just how much work and money goes into windows. I’ll for sure take more notice from now on!

  3. Uter says:

    Did you keep the old jalousie window panes?

  4. Linda says:

    I am looking to replace my awning windows which I was told is the proper name for those. I thought they were Jalousie also. I think the difference is the pane size. I am having a lot of trouble finding a manufacture of them. The windows look nice by they change your house from vintage to a house that looks like it has been flipped. It doesn’t have that same kind of personality. I wish that there was a manufacturer of windows that made period windows that were better for insulation purposes while still keeping the look. I guess I will have to continue to wait for that. Our vintage architecture is being destroyed because even if people wanted to keep they style windows you can’t. When you change the windows you change the whole entire look of the house. I am sorry you weren’t able to find replacements that looked the same. The ones that you have were the best choice you could make.

  5. Lenier Stewart-Pernas says:

    I did exactly the opposite. I removed the new ones to install the ones you got rid of. Of course, I live in St Petersburg FL

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