Happy Anniversary House!!

Well, we just passed our one year anniversary in our home. The love affair is still going strong! At least on our side. We have no idea  if our House really likes us or not. Ahhh. If only she could talk!!!

Our Realtor gave us some very sound advice when we moved in. “Don’t make ANY major changes until you have lived here at least a year. For your thoughts and ideas will change greatly”. This truly is great advice. And sadly, we promptly went about ignoring it. Kind of.

When I think about my list of projects I have yet to complete I get very discouraged. My list seems endless and my pocketbook grows tighter. On the other hand, when I break down every little project we have done in the last year, I feel quite proud of us. I KNOW we have done more in a year then some people do in 10 and while we kind of ignored our realtors advice. We kind of listened as well.

We STILL have not painted the exterior of our house  because my thoughts have changed drastically! And since I can’t decide what color, if any, I should repaint my home, I have decided to sit on that project for now. You can read more about my paint dilemma here at one of my other favorite blogs:  http://offbeathome.com/2012/01/paint-my-house-pink

We have reached that time of year when our projects move from inside to out. Last year we didn’t have the funds or the full plan to do our landscaping. This year, we plan to start tackling that. It will take time to get the look we want. Years even. No way about it. You can’t landscape 1.2 acres cheaply. But we are going to try!

We also want low maintenance. Period landscaping. Pet friendly. And a wow factor. No problem, right?! Right!

I am excited to move outside and I will keep you posted of course. After the kitchen reno I am a bit burned out on the interior.

First up, THE CARPORT. The carport has quickly become our most favorite summer hang out. She is getting a complete makeover in the next few weeks, weather permitting, so please check back!

So one of our last little projects we did was to replace our side door. Which is actually the most used door in our home. We NEVER use the front door.

This would seem a perfect little transition from the inside out. Replacing this door was NOT an easy decision. I LOVED the door that was here. Original hollow wood door, ¾ view, louvered glass window. It let great light into our room, allowed us to see who was coming up our drive, and let full air flow in when the storm door was off.

However, it was unsafe. No deadbolt. No real barrier between us and them, it was NOT energy efficient. And it definitely was not meant to withstand two big dogs constantly jumping on it. The glass louvers started falling out over the summer, and the mechanical device no longer worked to open the window.

One night this winter I came home from work, shut the door, and the entire glass insert fell to the floor. Did I mention the temp had dropped down into the 20’s? Oh, and that my partner Brian was out of town? I had NO clue what to do. So I popped the window back in place and covered it as well as I could with duct tape and blankets. Yeah. The answer to every broken thing in the world. DUCT TAPE!

Hey, it worked. Anyway, it was abundantly clear we had to replace this door. I looked and looked for months on Lowe’s website  and The Home  Depot for a mid century type door that would fit my decor. Mission style was as close as I got.

I ended up finding my door at The Home Depot. We went with the Rochester design by Feather River. I chose this door for many reasons. The design is craftsman-esq. The half door allows light in, but is solid at bottom where the dogs jump. And the beveled glass eliminates the need for curtains or blinds.

(The cat was NOT included!)

We had to do a lot of adjustments. We had to drill for a deadbolt. We had to use heavy duty weather stripping to forgive the crookedness of the door and some missed sizing. And we had to give up some of our original look of the house.

The boys finished it in about 5 hours. Whew. What a mess! But it’s up!

Now that its up, I cant say I love it. It’s not the doors fault. It’s a lovely door. And from the outside it looks fine. But from the inside its so. I don’t know. WHITE?!

I miss the look of my old wood door. So now I am debating painting the interior side of the door. Either red to match my red couch, or a chocolate brown to match the kitchen cabinets and to better blend with the wood tones in the house.

Sometimes you have to choose safety and energy efficiency above keeping an older relic. This is one change I do regret a little. Maybe over time it will grow on me. But just in case it does not. I have kept the old door!


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Mid 40's gal living in Ohio, exploring the world of Craft Beer, Delicious Food, Travels, Animals and fighting a never ending battle with my weight. I live with my second husband, my 72 year old mother, my dogs and cats in Central Ohio.
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3 Responses to Happy Anniversary House!!

  1. Stacey@agoodehouse says:

    Congrats on a year! I just found your blog and love what you’re doing. It looks like you are going to have one pretty awesome place. The rooms are so big and open… I love that. We’re renovating too and have been for what feels like forever. Our home was built in 1958. It’s such a big commitment, isn’t it. I love reading about other homeowners having such great success and love for their home. Nice job.

  2. Annie says:

    Stacey, just came across your blog when i was googling why mid-century homes all have red doors…and there’s your link…. I started reading your blog and couldn’t stop. I just got a mid century home and it’s been owned by many previous owners so I’m also looking for history. Your blog answered many questions I had. Please keep writing and I will be checking back on what you are up to next! Thanks, mid century lover in Vancouver Canada

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