Holy Smokes! The find of the decade!

To say that I am stoked is an understatement.

It probably comes as no shocker to most of our friends and family that Brian and I are slightly obsessed with antiques, retro and Mid Century anything.

That book above we picked up last year on a whim on one of our many excursions. It was published in 1956 and is a delightful read (It’s especially amusing to read about how the man is the expert on grilling!)

The section on “Canned Meat” is especially appetizing!

The funny thing is, when we read it last year, a little tiny booklet fell out:

I remember saying to Brian “Man…It sure would be cool to find an old grill someday”

Well…That day was today.

It is quite beautiful today in Central Ohio. Especially taking into consideration that it’s MID MARCH! It’s sunny and 60 degrees!

So we loaded ourselves in the car today and took off on grand adventures. We traveled the country roads. Stopping here and there. Just basically enjoying our one day off this week together.

We found ourselves at one antique store. Then another. Then we stopped to say hi to the parents and they told us about a new place in Lancaster Ohio. Rush Creek General Store. So we loaded THEM up in the car (I mean, they DO qualify as antiques themselves, right?) and off we went to store #3.

The great thing about this find is that it was totally NOT expected. We weren’t out looking for anything in particular today. Some spoon jewelry maybe for my niece. Some antique bar ware. Nothing major.

Then, out of the corner of my eye I saw something special. I think it was the color that got me. A copper, but not quite copper. I saw a wheel. I saw a grate. I walked around and saw it was a grill. I could tell it was old but it looked BRAND NEW. Okay. Maybe not BRAND new but it was DEFINITELY only slightly used.

I very cautiously turned the tag over. I was expecting $100 price or more. I mean, it was ALMOST NEW!!!

And I gasped…$59.99…It had a rotisserie. It had the owner’s manual. It had the original box the rotisserie came in. Oh, and that little book I mentioned above? Yeah, it had that too!

It was like FATE brought us to this grill.

The instructions are dated. 10/29/1958.

I had to have this grill.

This grill was in fabulous shape. It is 54 years old people! FIFTY FOUR! And the rotisserie basket has NEVER BEEN USED.

We loaded it up in the car and brought it home. We love it. And the best part? We plugged in the rotisserie when we got home. AND IT WORKED!!!

So load up the kids, bring over the beer, and lets throw some meat on this new old grill of ours. I will supply the canned meat if you bring the Jello!

This. Is. My. Happiness.

The now defunct Lazarus Company.

Look how clean that charcoal area is! Unbelievable!

A completely metal wheel. No rubber here! Never seen such a thing!

My new pride and joy!!!!



About Dawnie

Mid 40's gal living in Ohio, exploring the world of Craft Beer, Delicious Food, Travels, Animals and fighting a never ending battle with my weight. I live with my second husband, my 72 year old mother, my dogs and cats in Central Ohio.
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5 Responses to Holy Smokes! The find of the decade!

  1. Mike says:

    I was searching the internet for a grill I saw at the Rushcreek General Store on March 10th. Low and behold you were the only hit I got with the description of the Kook-Out grill. Very dissapointed I didn’t get it but glad to hear that you will make good use of it. Have fun with it.

    • drbininger says:

      Sorry Mike! I almost walked away from it too…But I just couldn’t. I KNEW someone would see what a gem it was. We are soooo happy with it and will take great care of it and it definitely goes with our 59 ranch!

  2. Jo says:

    OMG!!!!! HOW COOL IS THIS???

  3. Mike says:

    Have you used it yet?

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