Did someone order a new kitchen???

I DID!!! I DID!!!

We are calling this KITCHEN RENO PHASE 1. There will be 3 (Phases, NOT kitchens!!).

This was the lighting/cabinets/and wall paint phase.

Phase 2 will be flooring. Phase 3 will be counters and backslash and god willing, NEW APPLIANCES! I hope to have the entire thing done by years end. Pray for me!

Okay. Follow me back to phase 1!

The cabinets are D.O.N.E. Oh my freakin goodness! Was this ever a nightmare I will NEVER repeat again.

Okay. Okay. Let me back up.

We decided to keep our 1959 cabinets because they are simply awesome. They were, however, extremely dirty, and layered in about 5 decades worth of stain and gloss.

We put a ton of thought into stripping them, re-staining them the original color, painting them, or re-facing them. Then I heard about Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations.

I was hooked. This seemed like a BRILLIANT solution for us. Now, what color? I wanted to keep my gorgeous kitchen, the set up, etc, but I wanted to “Modernize” it a bit. We have a TON of woodwork around the house and the front room is completely paneled. We were very worried how this would look.

I first fell in love with the “Espresso” but after a weekend of looking at a sample on my wall I decided to go one shade lighter to the “Chocolate”. I am glad I went with my gut. I think the Espresso would have been too dark.

I used Behr paint on my walls because I LOVE their paint. I used “Buttercup”

We replaced both lights as well. I believe both were original to the house. And we re-used all the original hardware, we just spray painted it. With Rust-Oleum again!

Okay. I won’t go into to much more, because I want to get to the pictures but I DO want to tell you about the Rust-Oleum product.

Over all I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. BUT…And I do mean BUT, there are some flaws. I do believe they are overall minor flaws.

First, the “Kits” are horribly missed proportioned. Really. Not just mine, but reading through reviews I can tell a lot of customers have this issue. I ended up having to get an entire second kit just for ONE can of bond color (Two cans come per kit). I had TONS of deglosser left, both cans of the “decorative glaze”  because I wasn’t using it on my cabinets. And I had the perfect amount of “top coat” left.

I do think this is something the company is aware of and something I HOPE they correct in the future.

So I want to give this little tip to others out there. Thank you to the Home Depot employee who assisted us. She suggested we only tint ONE can of the bond coat when we got the second kit. This gives us the freedom of getting the second can tinted at a later date in a different color for a different project if we want.

So, whatever you “THINK” you are going to need, just be prepared to go buy more because you can NOT buy the parts individually, which I think kinda stinks, but I understand from a business point of view it would defeat the purpose of a “Kit”.

Other than that, I love the product. I mean, BOTH kits cost me less than $100. So one can not complain too much, can they?

New cabinets would have cost me a small fortune so I consider this a win.

If you are still with me, THANK YOU, I promise to get to the pictures!!! But…I do want to give others who want to try this product some pointers. Please learn from my mistakes!

*However long you “Think” it’s going to take, double it. This is a VERY lengthy process. I mean, seriously. It took FOREVER. Be prepared!

*The kit says two coats of the bond coat (The color). I easily could have done 4 and I think that’s because of the shape of my cabinets.I did two, as suggested, and I had a TON of problems with my protective top coat. More on that below. I ended up touching up a lot of spots. So I should have done three or four coats.

*When they tell you to use the deglosser liberally and that it’s the most important step, BELIEVE THEM! If you don’t, your paint will NOT adhere well.

*As mentioned above, I had a LOT of problems with the protective top coat. Every time I put it on, LIGHTLY over what I thought was a COMPLETELY dry cabinet (24 hours of dry time!) I would come down the next day and see the bond had come up in spots. I could see brush strokes! It was WAY frustrating!

I think this was a combo of my technique, and my cabinets having sooooo much varnish on them. I probably should have sanded them. Period.

*Using a brush, which is the recommendation, is a pain in the rear. It’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to avoid a brush stroke or overlapping look with the top coat. Like this:

This looks much worse in this picture then it really is, but the top coat is kind of hard to work with. This was me taking my time even and using one long brush stroke. GRRRRRRRR!

Overall, I would use this product again. However, I personally would not do the work myself! It was far more detailed and time-consuming than I ever thought possible and it made me super grumpy!

Oh, and I had NO issues with fumes. I have pets and I am in Central Ohio and so I couldn’t open doors and windows and we were all fine!


Okay folks. Here you go!

Cabinets before (note the doors under the sink. They were in BAD shape!)

And the same cabinets AFTER:


Here is another angle BEFORE:

And another AFTER:

Here is the old light (I think it contained 5 decades of dead bugs!):


And the new light (Thank you Lowes!)

And the fridge wall BEFORE (Don’t mind Ozzy Cat there, he is FOREVER stealing the lime light!):

And the fridge wall AFTER:

The kitchen sink area AFTER:

That blue pitcher was given to me by my mother and belonged to my Grandmother. I am so glad it now has a place of honor in my home!

So that’s that! My semi new/old kitchen!

Next up will be “Fake” cork floors! We are very excited. Our floors are in horrible shape!


Anyway, thanks for stopping by! I am off to go cook dinner in my spiffy “Chocolate” kitchen…Now…If I could JUST lick the cabinets and have them TASTE like chocolate…That…That would be BRILLIANT! (Someone at Rust-Oleum needs to start on that invention! Hah!)


****UPDATED 5/2014:

This review so to speak remains the number 1 story on my blog so I wanted to make sure I updated it for those researching these products. It’s been two years and the cabinets have held up extremely well. We definitely live in our kitchen and give it full abuse daily.

The cabinets clean up very easy. And there is some slight touch up I need to do.

Mainly around the handle of our cupboard where we keep our trash can:


This is seriously our biggest issue. I am ordering Door Knob Back plates to help with this issue:


I can honestly say after two years of heavy use I am still more than pleased with this product and how it has held up.

Thank you for reading!


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12 Responses to Did someone order a new kitchen???

  1. nomnomnstuff says:

    Looks beautiful! Nice work!

  2. Debbie Murray says:

    I’m glad to hear someone had a lot of the same issues I did. I am on weekend 4 and still not finished! Looks good!

  3. Acflem says:

    Looks beautiful! I know it will take topime and patience, but much easier on the wallet than the $3,000 quote I received! Do you happen to remember the name of the lowes light fixture? So pretty!

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  6. Lisa Meyer says:

    So no regrets? Your cupboards look like the ones in a dated house we are moving to. Great condition, just a dated color.Even the hardware is the same!!!!

    • drbininger says:

      Hi Lisa. Here is what my thoughts are two years later. When they tell you to live in the house for a year before doing any major changes listen to them. Although I like the cabinets still and the paint has held up really well. I DO wish I would have tried to restore them first to their original condition…And then if that didn’t work try the painting. I do think one day I will strip them back to their original color. The cupboards are in excellent shape and were all hand made in this house. No prefab anything. So while I am still enjoying my kitchen immensely I do feel the color I chose is a bit dark. So proceed with caution! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. Stephanie says:

    Could you please tell me if you removed your cabinets to paint them? i assume you did not need to remove the actual cupboard frames/sides.. i am hoping to use this product on laminate cabinets (ugh so ugly) and the product is supposed to work on that material so i have high hopes 🙂 thanks!

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