Dun dun dun…THE MAN CAVE!!!

I really tried hard to think of a clever title for this blog. Somehow bringing together craft beer, sports, man caveness and mid-century. But, well, it just DIDN’T happen.

If there were man caves in the 1950’s, I sure as heck don’t know of them…I mean, technically, if I get all feminist on you, one COULD say every room in the house belonged to the man, right?

I kid. I kid. (Kinda!)

If I had been blessed with a bottomless checkbook, I would have done 1960’s Rat Pack Martini Lounge ALL THE WAY.

But sadly, or not, my guy is firmly rooted in this decade.

Having a Man Cave/Beer Cellar was always on the table for us. How could it not be? We were brought together by our mutual love of craft beer via the online community of http://www.ratebeer.com.

And as much as I love my girlie pink pin-up girl bathroom, I also love to throw back a great beer and watch an awesome football game. So even though “Technically” it’s a man cave, well, dang it, I am gonna hang there too!

So where to put this room of ours? Well, when there are two of you living in a 3800 square foot house, you might think its pretty easy. It wasnt!

The original room we had picked out was a single car garage that sits under our car port and is accessible ONLY by going behind our house. There is no driveway, so it’s not really usable as a garage. But it makes AWESOME storage!

It’s a fantastic space, but, well, its COLD!!! No heat what so ever gets through, so this is NOT a good place for beer. Or to hang comfortably.

So we decided for now, this is NOT man cave material. Some day we will actually lay a drive way and use this.

Then we thought about this room which is NOT a room. Its more of a pass through if you will between the above mentioned garage and the main living area of our semi finished basement:

Now this. This could work!

Now, I should probably let you know that ALL of this is really just a “Temporary” Man Cave/Beer Cellar. It is our intent to finish the basement completely in the next few years, adding a fourth bedroom, a full bath, a kitchenette, and yes, a FINISHED Man Cave. But that is several years down the road.

In the mean time, we wanted just a cheap fun quirky place where we could display our beer collection. We had quite the combined collection.

And the fact that we were missing walls was NOT a problem. Brian had managed to snag some corrugated Yuengling cardboard from one of his many contacts. And I decided to use it as wall paper.

A tad college dorm like I suppose, but hey, it works!!! Its not entirely done yet, we need to hang our tv. Put another shelf up to display a bottle collection and what not, but for now, we are kinda digging it.

Our little man cave under the stairs…Here are the befores, durings and afters!

This is how it’s looked for the last few months. A collection of JUNK!!!

Time to whip this little spot into shape!

These were a Christmas present from my mom. Does she ROCK or what???

Digging the PJ bottoms Brian!!! (Hey, he is actually working, I can NOT criticize his clothing choice…Actually, we are lucky he is even WEARING clothes!!!)

Ozzy Cat thinks its great fun to help us unwrap 5 boxes of beer!!!

We scored this FAB Rolling Rock sign at a local antique store for 20 bucks. WOOT!

Way to NOT move the step stool out of the picture Dawn. LOL!

Ozzy Cat has decided its a man cave/kitty cove!

Quick historical note: That sign is a real city on route 66 in Arizona, and it happens to be Brian’s last name. Very cool!

Now…How about dropping by and helping us drink some of this?????



About Dawnie

Mid 40's gal living in Ohio, exploring the world of Craft Beer, Delicious Food, Travels, Animals and fighting a never ending battle with my weight. I live with my second husband, my 72 year old mother, my dogs and cats in Central Ohio.
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