The Room Without A Name…


One of the first rooms we looked at on-line was this one:

Being a “Visual” person, I had NO IDEA what this room was, where it was in relation to the other rooms or what…

When we walked in to see it that night, it almost IMMEDIATELY became our favorite room. In most of the houses in our neighborhood with this floor plan, this is the sun porch. Ours seemed to be more permanent then a simple porch. It is more closely a completely heated four season room.

This room is the first room you walk into from our carport. It contains three large picture windows and a fabulous stone fireplace. It also contains the stairs leading down to the lower level. So it’s a very used room.

It held the original paneling. And the original fake slate linoleum. It is the first room almost everyone sees. But its long and narrow.

We had a million ideas for this room. We were going to make it the Library. No t.v. Just wall to wall books and a big thick carpet to lay in front of the fire. I wanted to paint the paneling. Brian wanted to rip it out.

Then as we started “Living” in the house, our thoughts changed. Our mortgage broker had given us some great advice. He told us to live in the house for at least a year before we did any major renovations…Because it takes that long to figure out your house and its uses and spaces. Excellent advice, but hard to follow when your new home excitement bubbles over!

Many visitors started commenting on how comfortable the room was. They loved the paneling. They loved the original light fixtures. They loved the floor! (For the record, we do too, but its in HORRIBLE shape and will need replaced eventually)

We quickly grew to love the paneling. So it will stay for now. And when you sit in this room you are surrounded by greenery, so you feel like you’re in a lodge anyway, so the paneling and stone makes sense. The Mid Century architecture was very much about bringing the outdoors in, and they certainly did that with this room.

So for weeks we lived with this room in a Hodge podge. We tried chaise lounges first…And didnt like how they fit in the room…THen we tried a love seat. Too small. Perfect for a library, but every time someone would visit, they ended up sitting in the room. Which meant we needed more seating! We reversed our no t.v. rule and decided to make this a Den. A family room. The fireplace room. Whatever. We still don’t know what to call it. I keep referring to it as the “Front Room” but that’s not entirely accurate either. So who knows what it will eventually become, but for now, we have made it our “Den”

Here is what it looked like “Before”:

And here is what it looks like “Finished”:

Well…ALMOST finished! The flooring is going to need replaced. And I would love to do REAL slate but it will be expensive. So we are also looking at man-made tile that looks like slate…I still need a few accessories on the walls. And some new lighting. As much as we LOVE our overhead lights, because of lack of AC we are actually going to install some modern looking ceiling fans. I am still on the fence about the draperies too. For now I am leaving them as they are well made and do much to keep out the heat and cold…But eventually I want new ones.

The area rug was a true find. We went to Evans Carpet Junkyard in Hilliard and got a high quality remnant. Then paid to have it bound. We needed an odd size, at least a 9×12 and we got this fantastic rug for less than $128 bucks! It is simply fabulous and I HIGHLY recommend Evans. We would have paid over 200 bucks at least for this at a big box store…

If you look at the first picture I posted, you can see to the right, on the outside of the closet (Which is huge by the way!) there was a cabinet hanging there. It appeared to us to serve no purpose and it was actually a hazard. Way to easy to bump your head on it. We had no use for it, so we ripped it down so we could use that corner.

Putting an “Eat in” table was a natural progression for us, as you can see, we have a fabulous (albeit 1970’s-ish) breakfast bar. We spend a LOT of time there. Drinking our coffee. Eating our meals. And using our computers. So adding a small table seemed natural.

I decided to make that corner our homage to the year 1959. Which was the birthdate of my house. It already contained the whole house radio, so the rest just fell into place.

We found a 1959 calendar. Complete. We added a 1959 advertisement mainly because the house in the back was a Mid Century ranch. We added a 1959 license plate. And now my favorite? We found a 1950’s yellow formica table. Its round as is, but came with two leaves so it can go bigger. We found this on craigslist for 60 bucks! And I LOVE it!

The fireplace is the last little thing we need to get looked at. It hasn’t been used in about 15-20 years we understand…We have candles in there now which is why its black. Before I did that it was perfectly clean so you could tell it hadn’t been used. It has plywood blocking the chimney right now as well. So we need to get it cleaned and inspected so we can hopefully use it this Fall.

Here is the fireplace before:

And the fireplace after:

I wanted to keep it clean and simple. I wanted the stone and the fire to be your focus. NOT my nick knacks.

Overall I am really pleased with this room. Even though it remains unnamed and slightly unfinished. I envision many happy hours spent in here…


About Dawnie

Mid 40's gal living in Ohio, exploring the world of Craft Beer, Delicious Food, Travels, Animals and fighting a never ending battle with my weight. I live with my second husband, my 72 year old mother, my dogs and cats in Central Ohio.
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2 Responses to The Room Without A Name…

  1. Jennifer Blackburn says:

    OMG!!! Dawnie, I LOVE THIS ROOM! I told you when I first saw it that it was definitely my favorite room, and you guys have perfected it! It looks amazing! Good job finding all the Retro stuff to top it off with! Congrats again! I’m so happy for you guys! Love you both! xoxo -Jen

    • drbininger says:

      Thanks so much Jen for reading and stopping by! I really appreciate it. We cant wait to have a fire in the fall!!!!

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