Of Pink Potty’s And Pin-Up Girls…

When we first went to the Utility Department to register for our water bill, the clerk behind the desk asked as where we were moving. She was quite familiar with the neighborhood and  once we told her she told us the tale of how a few decades back there was a huge surge in the neighborhood of renovations.

She said it was not unusual for someone to drive through the neighborhood on trash day and see a bevy of pink, aqua blue and mint green toilets, tubs and sinks sitting curbside.

My entire neighborhood was laid out from 1959 till about 1965. There are some more recent builds we think due in part to some houses selling off parts of their larger lots. For that’s one thing that drove us to this purchase. The HUGE lot! Our is 1.2 acres and is one of the largest. But many others here sit easily on .75 and 1 acre.

So when I first came through the house, sure enough, in my main bath I was greeted by a pink commode. A pink sink. A pink tub. And of COURSE…Pink formica…(Hmmmm…Title of blog perhaps???) Hah…Heck, even the walls were painted a very light pink!

And although pink isn’t so much in style these days…I absolutely fell in love with this bathroom. I saw the potential almost immediately of a re-do, mini reno…

The fixtures were in remarkable shape.  Coated cast iron I am sure. I am missing an original pink toilet seat, but beyond that, everything is definitely original. No rust. No chipping. Nothing.

On top of that the tile in this bathroom was breathtaking. Primarily white subway tile, with black trim, and then little pink and black decorative tiles inside. It was gorgeous. And before I even could process it I thought of Pin-Up Girls.

This pink bathroom was calling out for a theme. But I didn’t want to go over board, because I am sure most of us have a haunted past with themed rooms. (Country geese? Sunflowers? Apples?)

So I went about planning the mini renovation. I knew two things would go. The outdated light fixture which did not allow for proper make up application. And the brown cabinets.

And while I did hesitate for a moment about painting the cabinets, I knew it would lighten up the room and make it appear larger. It’s a very narrow bath and the finish was in rough shape.

So with my Pin-Up Girl theme in mind, I went about searching for decor….Surprisingly, or not, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot out there. I was able to find an AMAZING shower curtain though at www.sininlinen.com I paid 39 bucks for it and that is certainly the most I have ever paid in my life time for a shower curtain, but I can say without a doubt, it was very well worth it. It made the entire room. (And the curtain while maybe on the racy side, is definitely PG13 for the many children in my life!)

I then found a nice framed photo of Marilyn Monroe at my local Meijer store. A few mirrored and crystal accessories, and PRESTO. I have a classy, simple, lightly themed pink bathroom.

It is definitely one of my favorite rooms in my house.

I do think eventually I will replace the white speckled linoleum and probably the pink formica counter, but other than that, I have no intentions of doing anything further to this room.

Here are the before and after:

ABOVE: Before/Previous owner

BELOW: After

(Just a side note here…That little ledge there flips up (Where the book is) and there is a secret compartment there…And also just behind that half wall is a laundry shoot!)

***If you too are passionate about saving the pink bathroom, please visit this wonderful site:http://savethepinkbathrooms.com/


About Dawnie

Mid 40's gal living in Ohio, exploring the world of Craft Beer, Delicious Food, Travels, Animals and fighting a never ending battle with my weight. I live with my second husband, my 72 year old mother, my dogs and cats in Central Ohio.
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2 Responses to Of Pink Potty’s And Pin-Up Girls…

  1. You have a wonderful vintage bathroom! I love the tile, especially the pink and black border.

    • drbininger says:

      Thank you Lianne. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my bathroom. Looking for a second shower curtain to use in between washings.

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